A few examples of our work…

From Startups to Fortune 500 Companies, we help transform your vision into reality by launching scalable and durable solutions to ensure your company’s success!

Juno Diagnostics

For Juno DX, we designed and developed the entire frontend of three applications. One internal for the lab processing and managing orders, one for patients for ordering pregnancy kit, viewing results and one for providers, for onboarding patients and oversseing the lifecycle of their orders.

Technologies Used:

  • NX for mono-repo
  • NodeJS (Express), using TypeScript for the backend
  • Postgres on AWS RDS
  • React
  • Tailwind
  • AWS Build Pipelines, S3, CloudFront

Type League Press

We designed and developed the entire automation for Type League Press utilizing cutting edge technology. The automation picks up orders from Shopify, processes them in the database, sends emails to notify of new orders. Upon approval, orders get sent to Dropbox and a Zendesk ticket is created.

Technologies Used:

  • NodeJS (Express), using TypeScript for backend
  • Postgres on AWS RDS
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Shopify, Dropbox, Zendesk APIs

Sony Entertainment – CRACKLE

Designed and developed multiple systems for the Sony
Entertainment Platform including the following:

  • A payment integration system for eastern Asia using
    Fortumo built with .Net Microservices.
  • An intelligent, hybrid mobile media player, built using React, that supports multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Web.
  • An entire system for calculating media telemetry to help sort media for the Crackle platform.
  • A Data warehouse ingestion system for porting media and user information from a CMS system to an Azure Data warehouse using a set of Azure functions, Azure Service Bus, Azure Data lake and SQL Database.


Designed and developed the entire mobile and web platform for Yuppr:

  • mobile App in Ionic/Cordova/Angular for iOS and Android (Hybrid technology)
  • web platform with a mixture of Bootstrap and Ionic (implemented modifications to work for web)
  • backend with Node, Express, AWS
    databases using Postgres and Mongo


    Our team easily integrated with the in-house Intuit’s development team.

    On our end, we designed, developed and maintained complex applications within Intuit’s NetBuilder and RPM systems. Full life cycle development: Design, Documentation, Development, Deployment and Maintenance.

    • 100% of a communication framework between .Net systems and Java.
    • proprietary code conversion tools for POJO/POCO
    • communication with Java REST API from .Net
    • HTTP web services that communicate with SQL database and implemented all necessary SQL objects.
    • Java Jenkins Plugin that is used in post build action
    • Modified and maintained NetBuilder and RPM
      applications and NBScheduler forms application to
      accommodate new business needs
    • Configured Mac slaves to support the build system

    LPL Financial

    Our team easily integrated with the in-house LPL Financial’s development team.

    We were involved in the ground up design and development building multiple applications.  

    • Built an entire application that comprises multiple parts: Database, WCF service backend, Entity framework driven and an MVC3 front end that process statement files for LPL
    • Developed a shell application in iOS to host LPL mobile site for advisors.


      • Overseeing the whole SDLC of new requirements for a set of existing applications that are inter-connected within Branchnet (LPL’s advisor facing website) to accommodate US regulations regarding client’s citizenship/residency status.
      • Our team built and helped in architecting an application within Branchnet framework to create PDF forms on the fly using Adobe’s XFA format and oversaw the complete lifecycle of new requirements to serve PDF forms within Branchnet and transition old PDF forms to new ones.
      • Maintenance to make reports and maintain LPL reps. The application is designed in SOA architecture, with multiple layers. Most important: service layer (WCF) to communicate with the data layer, and a front end to display, and run reports.
      • We built and managed the full lifecycle of onboarding LPL reps. The application is called: New Account Review Release. Communicating with a different data stores, it helps LPL staff move an applicant in different stages of the application. It also permits viewing reports on LPL reps based on their status, dates of onboarding etc… The application is also based on SOA architecture, comprised of a service layer and a front end.